Jobs That Demand High Integrity

There are so many specific job roles in today’s world that it is difficult to list them all. Although all of them require ethics that may be specific to that job or a general work ethic, only some of them require honesty and integrity from the person engaged on the job. A criminal who regularly shoplifts may be a great teacher, beloved by his or her students. The following jobs however, all demand a firm moral compass and fundamental integrity of character.Financial JobsIronically, financial jobs are not known for encouraging honesty; there is so much money floating around that an accountant, stock broker, or financial consultant can easily channel some funds into their own account instead of the client’s. There is a high chance of this happening, but also a very good chance of getting caught, thanks to auditors who go through the books with a fine toothed comb. All of the above mentioned jobs require people who are fundamentally honest because the money they handle is often not theirs. It belongs to thousands and thousands of hard working individuals who entrust their savings or inheritance to these institutions in order to make a profit or safe guard the money. tax agent WerribeeLaw EnforcementWe mostly think of the police and the army when we think about law enforcement, but behind the familiar uniforms there are many people who help make the justice system work. People like the tax agent Werribee work tireless hours getting large corporations and wealthy private citizens to pay their income taxes so that the money can be used by the government for the welfare of the people. Courts, police, armies, and other regulatory bodies run mostly on funds collected from the people. This is why law and order is the first to collapse in a society that is giving in to anarchy. Law enforcement officials and workers have to be fundamentally honest because their job is to make moral judgments about others, and this is impossible to do if you have not led a fairly blameless life.Inspection TimeInspectors of all kinds, form construction to conservation have to be honest in their findings and honest in their reports. This is because a misstep can lead to big consequences – often adverse – later. If, for instance, a building inspector sweeps a mould observation under the carpet, the new tenants moving into the house will be paying for a house with a structural weakness, one that can cause serious damage later on. So if you belong to any of the above professions, remember that you are in a career that demands and requires honesty in a world where honesty is a luxury. Keep that integrity flying high.

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