Amateur Sleuthing A Person

We have all become rather good at amateur sleuthing since social media became a thing, mostly because all the pickings are there for the taking. However, the social media presence of a person is not always accurate. In fact, it’s almost always very fake because everyone presents their best face on social media. If you want to figure out the real person behind the online face, here are a few things you can do:

Talk to Friends of Friends

Thanks once again to social media, finding mutual friends has become a breeze. Send them a message casually and try to turn the conversation towards the person you want to snoop. If you know the friend really well, ask them directly. Find out whether your target has ever been in trouble with debt collection Australia, the police or been deathly ill. Find out whether they have ever made any life-altering poor choices. Ask for the choicest gossip and make sure you get all the details.

Find Out Their Records

This one is harder to pull off because it involves pulling and begging for favours from people who do important jobs. For instance, bank employees do great payment terms, which is how they know if a customer has a history of taking loans out, or how much savings they’ve got etc. If you can at least how their credit score is, then that’s a good score. Another thing you should definitely check if you can is how they stand with the police. If they have a police record, then there have clearly been some misdemeanours in their lives. Smaller infractions are obviously ok, but something serious like previous history of abuse may come to light too.

Google Them

Keep this as a last resort but the search engine giant is pretty good at summarizing a person’s online footprint. The issue with this avenue of inquiry is that the person you’re looking up may be reduced to nothing but a footprint. They might have a rich and complex life off line but because of one bad Tweet they sent out years ago and the negative comment it garnered, the search engine will collate results that portray them in a negative light. As long as you are aware of what the results will be, go ahead and use this tool to help yourself because it may be the easiest course of action yet.So if you ever want to engage in some amateur sleuthing to help out a pal, go first on social media and check for mutual friends you can talk to. Then find out any records that the target holds. Finally, if all else fails, Google them.

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